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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

cleansing with watermelon

with the new year i'm sure many people have made goals for weight loss, healthier eating, or starting off with a detox. with all the heavy food i ate around the holidays, and improperly combined meals, you dont have to tell me twice that my body needs a little break and an easy detox.

sometimes the word detox gets a bad wrap because the most common one people know of consists of drinking maple syrup and cayenne pepper water for seven days....?? no, this is not a real detox. i'm sure it would give the human body a much needed break from processed foods in which it could heal from a few things, but overall effectiveness in a holistic view would be minimal. the real point of a detox is to clean your body out on a cellular level. the body is constantly moving waste products out of its system. when we continue to put a heavy burden on our digestive system, things get a little backed up, and our body directs the "waste products" to be stored away until it can deal with it properly later on. these waste products are also called toxins, and they get stored in the make up of our cells, mostly in fat cells. however, when we give our digestive system a break from the heavy burden of digesting improperly combined foods, your body will automatically use its extra energy to start flushing the built up toxins out of your entire system. thats right....your body automatically does it! the human body is so amazing that it will always strive for perfection, no matter what! psalm 139:14 gives me new meaning to thank god everyday for making the human body so incredible: "i praise you because i am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, i know that full well." he designed our bodies to heal themselves...we just have to keep harmful things out for this to work. or in the case of a detox, clean the harmful things out. a detox can simply be a one day water or juice fast to help with constipation, or something longer to help heal serious diseases.

for more information on detoxing steps or for one on one consultations, visit my sister's incredible site here, with this post dedicated to detoxing on all different levels.

so after i read her post, i did a little detoxing myself. since i'm still breastfeeding my little one, its not safe to do a full on detox. so what i have been doing for the last few days is drinking extremely green juice in the morning, melon juice mid morning and then putting solid foods in my system at around 1 pm. this is a lower caliber way to sort of clean things out, without having any toxicity passed through to my feeding baby.  its a simple plan, but i'm already filling the positive effects!

the easiest and care free way to help your body clean itself is to drink watermelon juice. not to mention tasty too!! its surprisingly creamy and sweet;) drink a big glass of freshly pressed raw watermelon juice in the morning, on an empty stomach and wait at least a half hour to eat or drink anything else.

here's some of the hard work that watermelon will do in your body:
*its a whole body cleanser, known to go to work on your kidneys, bladder, heart, stomach, colon and liver
*it acts as a blood tonic, meaning this is regenerative to your body
*induces frequent urination...which is toxins leaving the body
*its high amounts of potassium and vitamin c work together to wash toxic deposits off your kidneys
*its fat free and cholesterol free, making it easy to lose extra weight...and also very few calories
*its combination of potassium and magnesium work together to prevent hardening of the walls of veins and arteries, therefore lowering your blood pressure
*its loaded with b vitamins for sustained energy
*it helps regulate the function of insulin, lowering your blood sugar
*its 93% water content keeps you hydrated

i hope this inspires you to look more into detoxing and give your body a much needed break, allowing it to clean itself out and heal any imbalances. happy cleansing!


  1. I'm going to drink this right out of the juicer, not even pour it into a glass it looks so phenomenal!

  2. I love all the info on what the watermelon does to our bodies. I'm going to pick up a watermelon the next time I'm at the store. I'm seriously craving me some watermelon juice after this post.

  3. honey when most people think of detoxing they drugs or alcohol : )

  4. i know guys! watermelon is so freaking refreshing!! and its an inexpensive way to juice for five days;)

    ummm hey thecolorpurple....i thought you were kickin it oldschool. anyways, only a deering would think of that