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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

book review: Heaven Is So Real

Heaven is so real!i have a feeling that i'm going to read more books in 2011 than i have in any other year. for starters, my husband and i decided to give up tv for the month of january...welll except for the real houswives. hahaha! but we couldn't quite the tube cold turkey. so anyways, i already finished my first book of the new year! i started reading it the day after new years and i finished it in a week and a half. with that, i would like to give you a review of all the books i read. my two favorite subjects to read about are nutrition and christian spirituality. so take what resounds with you....and leave the rest for someone else;)

Heaven Is So Real by Choo Thomas was the perfect way to start my new year! I was captivated by her detailed story of being face to face with Jesus on numerous occasions. She detailed the accounts of the visions He showed her, the words He spoke to her and the places He showed her in heaven. anything about Jesus truly excites me, but through reading this book, i found myself with "holy spirit goosebumps" with almost every page i read! although at times i felt like her relationship with Jesus was almost "militant" she really inspired me to live whole heartedly for Him.....and really, what else would i want to do? it's time to start living our lives the right way. sticking to our convictions, being all or nothing, and sharing the real love of god with everyone around us.  to get inspired by Choo's incredible story, you can order your copy here

if you read it, let me know your thoughts! what books have you read recently or started in the new year?

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