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Friday, January 28, 2011

carmel apricot latte

around here we love our green juices.

it's our breakfast of champions...babies and adults alike.

actually we love raw drinks of all kinds.

this picture doesn't even come close to experiencing it's full on decadence. this raw carmel apricot latte is really creamy and smooth with a thick layer of coconut cream on top. this is why i love making raw drinks so much! any flavor you want, any nutrition your seeking, and any texture you desire, all in one tasty place!

here's why and how you should incorporate more raw drinks into your life. my typical day starts out with fresh raw green juice (usually carrots, cucumber, garlic, spinach, and whatever other greens i have). any where from a half hour to an hour later ill make a raw latte. i don't actually eat solid food until i've been awake for two or three hours.

i have made this a lasting habit because, when our bodies are sleeping at night, they are working hard to recharge us while at the same time cleaning and detoxifying from all the harmful substances that we have come in contact with or let into our bodies. the idea of a heavy "stick to your ribs" breakfast like oatmeal first thing in the morning is a worst nightmare for your cells, as they are still working on cleaning when you wake up. putting food in your system right away will cause your body to immediately stop all the great work it was doing removing waste, and focus all it's energy on digesting the recent meal. this will leave you with toxins being reabsorbed into your blood stream, poor digestion through out the day, poor nutrient absorption through out the day and often times tiredness and sluggishness. ever have one of those greasy diner breakfasts that just leaves you wanting to go back to sleep? now you know what i'm talking about!

the solution to keeping your body going through the cleansing process during the morning is to have microbiotic meals. a microbiotic meal is made of nutrients in liquid form that are able to bypass the burden of digestion and get immediately absorbed into the blood stream. examples of microbiotic meals are fresh raw juice, raw nut mylks, water with a few squirts of lemon, raw smoothies, raw blended soups and my personal fave, raw lattes:) when you drink any of these meal choices in the morning, before any digestion has started, your body's absorption of the nutrients will be greatly increased, cleaning your cells more deeply, giving you more energy and healing any imbalances your body may currently be trying to fix. another upside to this practice is kick starting your digestive system to get ready for the day...including inducing a bowel movement. what could be more great than starting your day out with a healthy bowel movement? yeah, i can't think of anything either ;)

after mid morning would be a great time to start your macrobiotic meals. macrobiotic meals are in their solid state requiring you to completely break down the nutrients through digestion in your stomach. after your first macrobiotic meal of the day, nutrient absorption will be decreased, therefore getting in as many microbiotic meals in your system in the morning is a great way to get instant nutrients.

so cheers...and drink your way to vibrant health!


this latte is super smooth and luxurious. it has a sweet carmel flavor with a fruity background. by only using coconut mylk as the liquid a natural cream appears on the top to make your dreams come true! 

2 c coconut mylk (if your using it from the can instead of homemade, up the amount of honey)
5 dried apricots, soaked for half hour
1 tbs honey
dash sea

*toss all in blender and blend until smooth and dreamy. add in a handful of ice and pulse till its all broken up.

and then there's this guy....well let's just say that you don't want to miss my upcoming post of the recipe for my incredible ORANGE CREAM CHEESECAKE WITH CHOCOLATE SAUCE:) of course it's gluten, dairy, sugar free and alllll raaaaaaawwww!!! i am so excited to share this with you...as this was an intense labor of love in my kitchen!


  1. This post just blew my mind, along with the Dimitri pics. I like the decision to not eat anything solid as soon as you wake up, I just bought some fresh veggies for green juice and cant wait to start this!

  2. WoW! As if the mitri pics weren't mind blowing enough, i'm craving a super nutritious smoothie! Great info Eleni!!

  3. back again to check out those mitri pics, ahhh!!

  4. katie im so glad! green it up!

    mel, you would. but to your credit, those are ridiculously cute pictures of dimitri!

  5. From Chris: It seems like Dimitri is losing some of his cuteness... thoughts?