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Monday, December 27, 2010

raw vegan cheezey zucchini roll ups

on the second day of "vegetablowing" chaz's super carnivorous mind,  i had to pull out all the bells and whistles. my main priority is getting him hooked on veggies but to also have him feeling full and satisfied...seeing as how he's a really big guy and can eat a lot. typically these types of men think the only way they can be full is by eating a meal loaded with steak, wings, or chaz's favorite, chicken breast. oh how glorious it was to see his satisfaction upon feasting on these cute little rolls! now for me this could have been a really filling meal, but for him this is an appetizer. so when i pulled them out of the dehydrator we just snacked on them until i was finished making the rest of the meal...which included roasted squash and easy tatziki sauce. don't miss the recipe posted in a few days!

with a creamy cheesy texture, these rolls would be great to serve to someone not used to this diet and lifestyle to basically shatter their thoughts of vegetables being boring. they would make a fabulous appetizer at any dinner party so don't be intimidated by any of the steps;)

zucchini rolls:
two thicker zucchinis, shaved into long thin slices (i used a vegetable peeler, but a mandolin would make this a lot easier)
juice of one lemon
3 tbs olive oil
pinch of sea salt

cheddar kream cheeze:
2/3 c macadamia nuts, soaked for atleast two hours
1/3 c walnuts, soaked atleast two hours
1 red pepper, roughly chopped
4 cloves of garlic
1/2 tsp of sea salt
juice of half a lemon

*using your vegetable peeler or mandolin, very carefully slice the zucchini in thin long pasta like strips. place them in a bowl and add the lemon juice, olive oil and sea salt. send some love and peace through your finger tips and massage the zucchini strips. set them aside (for as long as over night in the fridge) as you prep the rest.

*next rinse and drain your nuts that have been soaking. i used the same bowl for both nuts. add them to the blender with the red pepper, garlic, sea salt and lemon juice. blend on high for a few minutes adding just enough water to keep it moving. this should come out really thick and smooth.

*now the fun part! lay your strips of zucchini lengthwise on your dehydrator trays, overlapping each other to look sort of like a lasagna noodle. take a table spoon full of the cheeze and spread it lengthwise all down the strips, leaving a half inch around all the edges. this is what it should look like:
now as amazing as this looks right now...hold yourself back devouring them all and your reward will be much greater when these little guys are finished in a few hours

*now put these long strips, unrolled, directly in your dehydrator on 110 degrees for two hours. after the two hours the zucchini and cheeze will have firmed up just enough to make it easy to roll. roll up each one from top to bottom and put back in the dehydrator for atleast another hour. i put these back in for an hour and a half and they were perfect then!

now just think of how classy you are inside and out as you savor these delicious raw hors d'heurves! the garlic and red pepper mixed together give this the perfect tang, reminiscent of cheddar that will pop in your mouth. paired with a decadent creamy texture, and the zucchini!...oh it's got this chewy pasta like texture with a bold flavor from the lemon marinade. enjoy!

stay tuned for my recipe on the roasted squash and easy tatziki!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

i'll vegetablow your mind

this miracle started to unfold just a few days ago. the story began with a phone call from my unpredictable husband while i was grocery shopping. he called and said "i need you to buy veggie burgers," which was followed by my immediate response of "WHAT?" this is quite the unusual request coming from the guy who says the way to woo him would be to cook him chicken twice everyday. he continued to press for it, so i agreed happily that i would make him homemade veggie burgers, that infact contain real vegetables and no fillers. still a little weirded out by this odd request, i finished my shopping and went back to my parent's house where were staying for the weekend.

later in the evening when we started our trek back to our apartment, he grabbed this pile of my brother's "men's fitness magazines," (which coincidentally my sister and i were laughing earlier how ridiculous those magazines are, filled with "power foods" and "flat abs in days" articles that are clearly written by people who don't truly understand how the body works.) and said "oh i'm gonna take these with me. i read an article about a vegan body builder in here....and i want to try to go vegetarian for a few weeks to see how i feel." my jaw dropped to the floor. but i tried to act cool on the outside and said through my shock "oh that's great. i would love to help you with that." but on the inside i was jumping for joy thanking god for answering my prayers!! chaz and i have a lot of the same convictions on food, but clearly differ on a lot of issues. i've told him too many times to count the importance of vegetables and that he doesn't need meat everyday to live, nor to accomplish his goals in weight lifting. so god used the language that would resonate with chaz the greatest to start his high raw journey....a "ridiculous" men's fitness magazine.

so without further ado, let me vegetablow your mind! the next few posts will be dedicated to mouth watering, satisfying, high raw dishes to help those meat eaters in your life  add "vegetable enthusiast" to their resume.

our vegetable baby...all cleaned up and ready for company

 chaz's first day of transformation started off with a game night with our friends. i made these dips that go great with any raw veggies you have in the fridge for dipping.
                                                       SPICEY BLACK BEAN DIP
 this dip is thick and creamy, with just enough spicy kick to keep you coming back for more. it's not raw, but still a great accompniment to any raw dish you may be creating. our guests loved it...and my husband begged me to make it again the next day:)

1 can of organic black beans
1/4 c greek yogurt
1 medium onion, diced
4 cloves garlic, diced
2-3 tbs olive oil
1 1/2 tsp chili powder
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp ground cumin
1/4 tsp ceyenne pepper
a handful fresh cilantro

*heat olive oil in skillet on medium high heat. add onions and let them cook for about five minutes. add in garlic and cook for about two minutes. next add your can of drained and rinsed black beans. stir in all of your spices and let it simmer on low heat for like ten minutes. you may want to add a little bit of water to the pan for even cooking. next let this cool for a few minutes. add the bean mixture along with yogurt and cilantro to your food processor. run until you achieve a thick consistency, scraping down the bowl as needed. while running, stream in enough olive oil to keep the mixture moving.

                                                             GARLIC HUMMUS
 i love making really strong garlic hummus! it's a flavor explosion that most packaged hummus eaters are surprised by.  i kept this one a little bit milder since we were having guests over.

1 can organic chick peas
1/4 c greek yogurt
juice of 1 lemon
1/4 of a small onion
3-6 cloves garlic, depending on how daring you are
1 1/2 tsp sea salt
1 bunch fresh basil
one dash of black pepper

*drain and rinse the can of chick peas. roughly chop the garlic and onion. add everything to your  processor and run until you receive a thick consistency, scraping down the bowl as needed. drizzle in olive oil while running to keep mixture moving.

                                                            CLEAN SOAPY BABY
woops....how'd that get in there? well anyways, you just need a bath of warm water, a smooth chubby baby and bath toys to create this scrumptious raw dish!

you can make your platter look as inviting as possible by adding a few touches of raw herbs or other leafy greens.

a few sprigs of rosemary
half a cucumber, sliced
5 carrots, sliced into sticks
1 red bell pepper, sliced into sticks
a handful of radishes, chopped in half
a handful of cherry tomatoes, chopped in half

*chop everything to the size of your liking. use any vegetables that you have available. arrange them nicely on a platter....serve right away or do all your prep work up to a day in advance by covering this with saran wrap and storing in the fridge.

                       the perfect center piece to keep us moving during our competitive game night!

so whether you choose to use these dips for dipping veggies, or as a condiment in a romaine wrap or even on top of cooked brown rice....remember to keep praying for your loved ones and keep eating your veggies!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

new camera, new recipes

in honor of my new camera i've been taking pictures of all the food i've been making. and of course thinking of sharing it all with you! so have some fun in the kitchen and see if you can get inspired by these easy, life giving recipes;)

                                                  MY GREEN JUICE THAT TURNED OUT
                                                    TO BE ORANGISH JUICE.....but tasted delish!

ok this is what i call a "wake up call!" this drink will fuel you through your whole morning, break up the waste from the day before, and completely recharge you to make healthful decisions all day.

2 carrots
2 collard greens
1/4 of a cucumber
1 green apple
2 small cloves garlic

*run all ingredients through your juicer (if you don't have a juicer....get one! or you could blend the ingredients in a high powered blender and strain through a nut milk bag)

                                                          MALTED CHOCOLATE LATTE

this is one of my new faves! around ten am every morning i find myself doing the same song and dance with my blender again. this drink is smooth and slightly creamy, with just enough chocolatey flavor to make you think you're going against the rules.  and it's a pretty high class way to get in all your super foods;)

1 c sesame mylk
1 c coconut mylk (this gives it that silky texture and creates the foam on top)
2 dates
2 tbs cacao (cacao is the raw version of cocoa powder...i order mine at http://www.therawfoodworld.com)
1/2 tsp maca (not only will this adapt to what your body needs, it gives the drink it's malt characteristic)
1/2 tsp bee pollen
1 tbs honey

*add all ingredients to your high powered blender and blend away! it should be smooth in a minute or two at which point i like to taste and make any adjustments. add in 6-8 pieces of ice and blend until they're broken up.

                                                         MEXICAN BURRITOS

we had a friend over for dinner the other night and i had to think of something that would nourish her body, but fill her up after a long day of classes. you can stuff romaine with just about anything you can think of, and i promise it will surprise you at how filling it really is!

a few leaves of romaine lettuce (choose ones that are easy to hold and have minimal tears)
1/2 red pepper, chopped
1/2 cucumber, chopped
8 radishes, chopped
1 small onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, chopped
1 lemon, juiced
1/4 c or so of olive oil
1 bunch cilantro, chopped
1 tsp sea salt
cooked split peas

*chop all of your veggies into bite size pieces. any raw veggies will do...these just happen to be what i had on hand that day. place them in a bowl, sprinkle with salt and then stir in the olive oil, lemon juice and chopped herbs. again, any herb you have will do, but for the mexican vibe go with cilantro. set this bowl aside and let the flavors mix. you could even let this sit up to three days in the fridge adding it to other dishes and the longer it sits, the stronger the flavors become. while your vegetables have time to get to know each other in the bowl, choose your romaine leaves and wash them. add the vegetables to any cooked grains or meat you might already have...i had cooked spit peas. so i stirred them together and then spooned them into the romaine leaves for our feast.

                                                               CHIA SEED PUDDING

when someone tries to tell you that eating healthy is too expensive, serve them a bowl of chia seed pudding.....and rock their world. chia seeds are considered a superfood, completely nourishing your body with essential fatty acids, protein, minerals and fiber. and even better than all these physical gifts, are it's price! i buy mine from our local market at about three dollars for half a pound. and in a house where things go fast, this lasts a whole month. one bowl of pudding only requires 2 tbs of chia seeds, yet will leave you feeling full, satisfied and dreamy.

1 cup water (nut mylk works fantastic)
1 banana, chopped
1 handful sunflower seeds
2 tbs chia seeds
1 1/2 tbs honey
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp sea salt

*place chia seeds and water in jar and shake it around so all the seeds can absorb the water. while that's partying, stir together the honey, salt and cinnamon in a bowl. next chop your banana. give the chia seeds another shake and let them know whose boss. after sitting for about ten minutes they will have completely absorbed the water and become like a pudding! add this dreamy pudding to your bowl of honey and stir it in really well. then add the banana and sunflower seeds...or anything else you might fancy;)

                                                     BANANA SUNBUTTER BOATS

now it took me a long time to even give this dish the time of day. i always read about it's different variations in raw books and such and thought it sounded disgusting. but like the annoying guy that keeps asking you out, just give it a try and be pleasantly surprised by how much you like it.

a few leaves of romaine lettuce (choose ones that are easy to hold and have minimal tears)
1 banana
a few tbs of any nut butter (mine was homemade sunflower seed butter!)

*wash the romaine leaves. spread on the nut butter from top to bottom. layer on your slices of banana. in less than minutes you'll be wrapping this treat up and savoring each bite of smooth, creamy, crispy, crunchiness.

i hope that these recipes will inspire you to get in your kitchen and be creative. i hope that the photos will inspire you to take better pictures than me. and with all of these recipes, just remember to follow your heart....these aren't set in stone, their guide lines to lead you into a blissful life of health!

Monday, November 22, 2010

thanksgiving and raw vegan eggnog

with thanksgiving just a few days away i thought it might be time to give you some guidance for avoiding the inevitable food coma of the holidays. and this advice goes straight back to me too;)  through clever advertising and shows on food network, the thanksgiving we accept today is all about stuffing your face with waaaay too much food and then retiring on the couch for the rest of the evening watching parades and football, only to get up later to a table laden with sugary foods.  if your invested in your health, this could be a challenge to avoid, especially since the day is usually spent with your family members. so if everyone else is going blindly with the american trend of worshipping overeating, and being motionless the rest of the day.......what do you do?

well lets think about what thanksgiving is supposed to be about anyway. being thankful! this is a real day devoted to our gratefulness for all that our heavenly father does for us and how he continually loves us.  if your not sure about god, how about just being thankful that you have family and friends that love you.  now with that being said, is it still thanksgiving if you pass on the traditional holiday foods that are made of compromised ingredients? of course! it took me a long time to get to the point that it could still feel like a holiday for me, even if i didnt eat all day long. so dedicate this day to realizing how blessed you truly are.

if you really enjoy the fact that on a holiday you can be with people all day long, and never stop your nibbling, first consider what your eating.  if you need to be snacking all day, go for the lighter minimally processed foods available.  and if your at someones house who doesnt think of things like that, bring a nourishing dish you love that you can share with others.  when all else fails, just bring a baggie of nuts and dried fruits....and that gets you out of trouble all the other 364 days of the year too!

now if you wanted to take it another step further and decided before the festivities begin, that you will indeed be kind to your body, as you are every other day of the year, then why not be continually drinking through out the day. growing up greek, i thought i couldnt have a good time at family gatherings unless i was continually eating the huge spread in front of us.....and laid out on every table through out the whole house.  so for me i still like to enjoy the flavors of the holidays all day in celebration without overdoing it. que the delicious drink you've made to share with everyone. nothing says the holiday season more than eggnog....so make delicious RAW VEGAN EGGNOG and sip your way to that holiday feeling all day long!

raw vegan eggnog:
3 c almonds, soaked overnight
4 c water (not soak water)
1 1/2 tbs cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
2 tbs honey
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 tsp salt

if you have a small blender youll have to do this in two batches, but with a big high powered blender just toss all the ingredients in the blender at once.  blend untill smooth and white, then drain through a nutmylk bag or a never used panty hose. (panty hose works fantastic!) taste and do any adjustments that you may need to. your taste buds will dance as they taste this smooth, thick, creamy holiday drink! theyll aslo rejoice as it nourishes the rest of your body! this should keep in the fridge for up to five days, and the flavor will get smoother each day it sits.

Friday, November 12, 2010


unfortunately for me, i looooove baking. obviously this is great for all my friends and family seeing as though they have yummy surprises to taste all the time. but for me this is almost tragic. i love the art of being in the kitchen whether im cooking, baking or rawing, using my talents and my love to create the physical form of nourishment. however, if i didnt stop myself i could probably be in the kitchen all day baking gluten free cookies, only for them to sit on the counter later and call my name. because i am one of those people who can never stop at one. i dont know why i have this quality, but ive learned to accept it and recognize that voice that tells me to "just have another..." and kindly tell her to be quiet.

that being said, i have to work really hard this time of year because so much comfort from the cold weather is intertwined with heavy meals and sweet baked goods. on top of that im working on creating my seasonal items for my baking business, project gluten freedom. no one knows you better than you do, so set up your boundaries where they need to be set. for me i like to make sure that other people are going to be around that i can give my baked goods to so theres no chance of me being tempted to eat the whole batch. i love surprising someone with some homemade baked goods that arent damaging to their bodies. i also know that if im going to eat something heavy or improperly combined that i tend to cope best by eating it later in the day, or being sure that i dont have any other plans after said meal is eaten. this way, when my clarity is inevitably blurred and i get really tired, the rest of my day isnt ruined. this isnt how it has to be, but on my journey, these things are still apart of my present. i know my body and my self, which makes it easier for me to determine which foods are best eaten at what times and which ones to only have on occasion. so lets all enjoy the ride were on....whether we love baking christmas cookies, roasting winter squashes, or enjoying coffee with a friend, and be conscious of what were doing as we do it. and tell that voice inside that keeps asking for one more to shut up!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

spontaneous travel

oh the enjoyment of a surprise trip..... for veteran's day, chaz decided to surprise me with a little get away to pittsburgh to visit our friends that live there. it was the greatest surprise and i could not have been more excited about it! especially when all i knew were my instructions to have overnight bags packed for us by the time he got done with class last night. i had a great day with my family and friends that are basically family and happily ate the abundance of food we had...even though it was completely out of balance today.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the art of a raw latte

after eliminating processed food, who in their right mind doesnt miss the unmatched feeling of sipping on a brand name latte? yes thats right....im talking about how holding starbucks in your hand instantly makes you look and feel cool. i used to love coffee (and occasionally still enjoy it at greek events) and sweet creamy drinks. so my life suddenly got brighter when i accidentally made a raw latte this fall. the point of a raw latte is not a caffein/sugar rush, but rather a healthy drink, thats sweet, creamy and something that will make you feel as cool as mary kate olson and that venti thats never left her hand. so the texture is thinner than a smoothie yet thicker than an average drink. to achieve the right consistency i usually use either half a banana or a big spoonful of almond butter. the combinations for your lattes are infinite, making them as sweet, or as creamy as you desire and using any superfoods to boost you through your day. so heres my recipe for today:
a "latte" that's great for you

2 cups or so of sesame mylk
heaping tbs almond butter
1/2 tsp maca
3 dates
1 tbs bee pollen

blend all ingredients until smooth then taste and
make any adjustments.
add a handful of ice and blend again. now sip
your way to a world free of starbucks;)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

resuming with revision

well im back! the last two weeks have been very busy with lots of travel, reading, playing with a certain cute baby and eating. just shortly after my decision to eat all raw some deciding events began to unfold. like digging up emotional connections to my food choices and letting them go.  although i proved to myself that its entirely possibly to stay completely raw even while travel by planning ahead and packing delicious food so that any time others are eating, i can eat and feel good too. however, as winters around here are particularly cold i decided to revise my plan.

after meeting up with my family for  my cousins wedding in nashville and then staying in florida for a week i ate many scrumptious things. some raw, some cooked, some healthy and some not so healthy. greek pastries at weddings are a major weakness for me;) so after having a great time on vacation with my family and occassionally straying off the narrow course, my modified food plan is to eat HIGH raw. high raw for me means ALMOST 100% raw. of course i will stick to my convictions of staying away from refined and packaged foods, but i will not feel guilty when i cook vegetables. afterall, i do love cooking and part of life is doing what you love. so now that im in the kitchen with a different attitude, i feel even more free to make better decisions for my body! (i also did some holistic therapy with my masouse for addictions that i felt release from almost immediately.) from now on with my daily food logs you can assume that the food items are raw unless specified as cooked. enjoy your journey as i am enjoying mine!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

liquid gold

so why do i drink this "green juice" everyday? what do i put in my green juice? and how do i make it? no matter where you are in your health walk or what your goals or beliefs are, everyone will benefit from  having a diet rich in greens. you can eat as many fruits, nuts, seeds, superfoods or whatever else you want...but bottom line, you'll never achieve optimal nutrition without greens.

the body will always strive for perfection no matter what. our bodies function best and are meant to function in an alkaline environment. this means that inside our bodies our blood needs to be at a ph of 7 at all times for our survival. eating the standard american diet lowers the ph significantly putting the ph at an acid level. all diseases thrive in an acid environment. to really heal the body, one needs to focus on eating foods that will keep the body alkaline. and what foods do that best? greens! however, when your not feeding your body alkaline foods, it will strip your bones of nutrients and minerals to keep your body alkaline. after years and years of depleting its own resources it has nothing left...leaving people with symptoms that doctors have grouped and named osteoperosis. green leafy vegetables are available on every continent of the earth, growing virtually everywhere. this is obviously a vegetable meant to sustain mankind....even, dare i say it, be the center of our diets. 

genesis 1:29-30 helps put this into perspective. "then god said 'i give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. they will be yours for food. and to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air and all the creatures that move on the ground-everything that has the breath of life in it-i give every green plant for food.' and it was so."

one for me and one for the man;)
so now that you know all this fancy stuff about greens lets get some in you! the best way to assimilate all the nutrients in greens is to juice them. by doing this, the body doesnt have to work to digest it....it will simply get absorbed through the intestines and straight into the blood stream. juicing your greens everyday will give you optimal energy, keep you alkaline and continue to clean out all the "dirt" thats been built up through out the years.  

(these are just guidelines, but on my perfect day this is what youll find in my glass)
2-3 carrots
2 stalks of celery
1 apple
1 big clove of garlic
1-2 handfuls of whatever dark leafy green i have...today it was turnip greens

run through the juicer and there you have it...liquid gold.

Monday, October 11, 2010

true transformation

day two of raw mom cooked dad summit is continuing to blow my mind. i love being inspired by where other people are and what they have gone through to get there. and i think i slightly have a crush on david wolfe now....

anyways...its always good to look back to the past and reflect on where we are and how far weve come. just yesterday as i was driving through the surreal transformations of autumn, i was thinking about all the stages of transformations ive gone through to be where i am right now. i remember when i first got into raw, id get upset or discouraged when the author of a raw book would say something like "you could be in transition for a few years," or even encourage people to transition for lengths of time because jumping into raw foods overnight would be too much for their bodies to handle. i think i was almost offended at these instructions because i had already cut all the bad things out of my diet and i would think "oh thats not me...i want to go completely raw right now!" i would get so excited about reading these inspirational books! well apparently the universe wasnt ready for me to be 100% raw yet, because it took me a year and a half to get there. and as im looking back at the many stages of my transitions, im happy to see that i did it in a step by step way with out every realizing it at the time. i was on whole foods for two and a half years, transitioned to high raw for a year and a half and then moved to 100% raw. its not the journey for everyone. and the one thing im learning is that my journey will never end...ill never say "ive arrived." there is always more to learn about my body and more to learn about keeping it running perfectly.

so if we all have different journeys, how do we make transformation work for us? easy...romans 12:2. "do not conform any longer to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind." no matter where your at in your health transformation, i can bet that your going against the patterns of this world. but we cant just renew our thoughts once and say "ok im good from here." we have to be RENEWING our minds...as in daily! everyday we have to make the conscious decision to go against the grain. when we make that decision and choose a green smoothie over starbucks, something happens in our bodies physically. our brain is filled with neurotransmitters. billions of them. every time you do something a certain way, the neurotransmitters make a path towards that action making it easier and easier for you to do it each time. this is how a habit is formed. now every time you choose to renew your mind, going for something healthful, your neurotransmitters are working hard establishing a path for your new actions, so that your old actions might fall away. taking it step by step, complete transformation is inevitable.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

world raw food day

happy world raw food day!!! what an exciting day to be a part of as this movement gets bigger and bigger, reaching more people to be liberated from the decay of western living. to continue the celebration of raw life ill be listening to the raw mom cooked dad summit happening over at rawmom.com. its a multitude of audio interviews with over 40 raw food specialists and top nutritionists. im so excited! i was pregnant the first time these lovely ladies put together a summit and it was super inspirational to sit listening to the interviews with my sister while we both enjoyed delicious raw treats. so if you havent checked out rawmom.com yet, get with it and head on over there for inspiration, articles, blogs and more!

Friday, October 8, 2010

the beginning

welcome to my blog! to start things off let me share with you a little about myself. i am 22 years old and have been gluten, dairy and sugar free for the past four years.  this wasnt always easy for me, considering i come from greek descent, where not eating something thats put in front of you is considered one of the seven deadly sins. after being sick with candida, flora imbalances, and a few parasites (from travels to third world countries) for most of my high school experience, i knew that if i didnt completely cut out these "drugs" i would never feel like myself again. oh how glorious the results to take these out of my diet!!! i lost the extra 15 pounds my body was holding on to, my acne disappeared, i had increased energy (actually having energy at all was new), was able to concentrate, noticed my work outs were better and even more enjoyable, and was finally comfortable in my own body again! if youre questioning taking these out of your diet...listen closer, your body is probably telling you to stay away from them.

when i got pregnant at the age of 20 i felt empowered to have an all natural pregnancy and all natural labor because of the lifestyle i was living. i took pregnancy in stride, looking and feeling great the whole time, and everything made total sense to me when i randomly attended a raw foods class at a local organic market. i had already been consciously eating more raw vegetables since my transition a few years earlier, but it truly blew my mind to eat avocado chocolate pudding! i knew this lifestyle was the next step for me. the next day i went to the library and checked out every book they had available on raw foods. i ate it all up! for the rest of my pregnancy (which ended great by the way! with the happiest baby boy being born after six hours of all natural labor) and up until now i have eaten a diet that consisted of about 80% raw foods.

do you ever notice how books just find you right when you need them? some how i cam across the book "twelve steps to raw food" by victoria boutenko about two weeks ago. whoah! this book slapped me in the face with every sentence i read! after reading so many books on nutrition and raw foods, its easy for us to think that we couldnt possibly learn any more. but, im learning that theres always more to learn. so i read her book, realized i had an addiction to cooked food, thought about going 100% raw, thought about how seemingly impossible that task seems, and then got confirmation through a prophetic meeting that "i was being called to swim against the crowd." so thats when i said, "ok god. ill take this next step deeper with you into true health and freedom." and thats what this blog is all about!! i love raw foods and the raw foods lifestyle...and im looking for people to share it with. so break free from the norms of this society, and lets go on some rawsome adventures! over the next year or so id love to share with you the ups and downs of committing to a 100% raw food diet, share with you what i eat everyday, show off pictures of the yummy recipes i create and throw in some cute pictures of my one year old baby boy along the way. to our health and to our freedom!