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Friday, November 12, 2010


unfortunately for me, i looooove baking. obviously this is great for all my friends and family seeing as though they have yummy surprises to taste all the time. but for me this is almost tragic. i love the art of being in the kitchen whether im cooking, baking or rawing, using my talents and my love to create the physical form of nourishment. however, if i didnt stop myself i could probably be in the kitchen all day baking gluten free cookies, only for them to sit on the counter later and call my name. because i am one of those people who can never stop at one. i dont know why i have this quality, but ive learned to accept it and recognize that voice that tells me to "just have another..." and kindly tell her to be quiet.

that being said, i have to work really hard this time of year because so much comfort from the cold weather is intertwined with heavy meals and sweet baked goods. on top of that im working on creating my seasonal items for my baking business, project gluten freedom. no one knows you better than you do, so set up your boundaries where they need to be set. for me i like to make sure that other people are going to be around that i can give my baked goods to so theres no chance of me being tempted to eat the whole batch. i love surprising someone with some homemade baked goods that arent damaging to their bodies. i also know that if im going to eat something heavy or improperly combined that i tend to cope best by eating it later in the day, or being sure that i dont have any other plans after said meal is eaten. this way, when my clarity is inevitably blurred and i get really tired, the rest of my day isnt ruined. this isnt how it has to be, but on my journey, these things are still apart of my present. i know my body and my self, which makes it easier for me to determine which foods are best eaten at what times and which ones to only have on occasion. so lets all enjoy the ride were on....whether we love baking christmas cookies, roasting winter squashes, or enjoying coffee with a friend, and be conscious of what were doing as we do it. and tell that voice inside that keeps asking for one more to shut up!

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