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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

resuming with revision

well im back! the last two weeks have been very busy with lots of travel, reading, playing with a certain cute baby and eating. just shortly after my decision to eat all raw some deciding events began to unfold. like digging up emotional connections to my food choices and letting them go.  although i proved to myself that its entirely possibly to stay completely raw even while travel by planning ahead and packing delicious food so that any time others are eating, i can eat and feel good too. however, as winters around here are particularly cold i decided to revise my plan.

after meeting up with my family for  my cousins wedding in nashville and then staying in florida for a week i ate many scrumptious things. some raw, some cooked, some healthy and some not so healthy. greek pastries at weddings are a major weakness for me;) so after having a great time on vacation with my family and occassionally straying off the narrow course, my modified food plan is to eat HIGH raw. high raw for me means ALMOST 100% raw. of course i will stick to my convictions of staying away from refined and packaged foods, but i will not feel guilty when i cook vegetables. afterall, i do love cooking and part of life is doing what you love. so now that im in the kitchen with a different attitude, i feel even more free to make better decisions for my body! (i also did some holistic therapy with my masouse for addictions that i felt release from almost immediately.) from now on with my daily food logs you can assume that the food items are raw unless specified as cooked. enjoy your journey as i am enjoying mine!

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