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Friday, October 8, 2010

the beginning

welcome to my blog! to start things off let me share with you a little about myself. i am 22 years old and have been gluten, dairy and sugar free for the past four years.  this wasnt always easy for me, considering i come from greek descent, where not eating something thats put in front of you is considered one of the seven deadly sins. after being sick with candida, flora imbalances, and a few parasites (from travels to third world countries) for most of my high school experience, i knew that if i didnt completely cut out these "drugs" i would never feel like myself again. oh how glorious the results to take these out of my diet!!! i lost the extra 15 pounds my body was holding on to, my acne disappeared, i had increased energy (actually having energy at all was new), was able to concentrate, noticed my work outs were better and even more enjoyable, and was finally comfortable in my own body again! if youre questioning taking these out of your diet...listen closer, your body is probably telling you to stay away from them.

when i got pregnant at the age of 20 i felt empowered to have an all natural pregnancy and all natural labor because of the lifestyle i was living. i took pregnancy in stride, looking and feeling great the whole time, and everything made total sense to me when i randomly attended a raw foods class at a local organic market. i had already been consciously eating more raw vegetables since my transition a few years earlier, but it truly blew my mind to eat avocado chocolate pudding! i knew this lifestyle was the next step for me. the next day i went to the library and checked out every book they had available on raw foods. i ate it all up! for the rest of my pregnancy (which ended great by the way! with the happiest baby boy being born after six hours of all natural labor) and up until now i have eaten a diet that consisted of about 80% raw foods.

do you ever notice how books just find you right when you need them? some how i cam across the book "twelve steps to raw food" by victoria boutenko about two weeks ago. whoah! this book slapped me in the face with every sentence i read! after reading so many books on nutrition and raw foods, its easy for us to think that we couldnt possibly learn any more. but, im learning that theres always more to learn. so i read her book, realized i had an addiction to cooked food, thought about going 100% raw, thought about how seemingly impossible that task seems, and then got confirmation through a prophetic meeting that "i was being called to swim against the crowd." so thats when i said, "ok god. ill take this next step deeper with you into true health and freedom." and thats what this blog is all about!! i love raw foods and the raw foods lifestyle...and im looking for people to share it with. so break free from the norms of this society, and lets go on some rawsome adventures! over the next year or so id love to share with you the ups and downs of committing to a 100% raw food diet, share with you what i eat everyday, show off pictures of the yummy recipes i create and throw in some cute pictures of my one year old baby boy along the way. to our health and to our freedom!


  1. Hi Eleni,

    I am in transition from eating a junk food, crappy diet to eating a well balanced healthy diet. I am looking to incorporate some raw foods into my diet, one idea being green smoothies. My biggest question is how did you deal with your food addiction? I seem to have the desire, but not the ability to stop my food addictions. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog!

  2. hi amy...so glad you found my blog! with that transition this is a great resource for you. your children and husband are lucky to have a smart woman like you making major changes for them to see.

    have you ever heard of the saying "99 percent is a b____, but 100 percent is a breeze."? its totally true in this arena. when you give up the junk food completely, instead of saying "oh ill have a little here....and tomorrow i know ill eat something at that party..." it just keeps you in a vicious cycle. with advice from a natural doctor, i gave up gluten, dairy and sugar overnight. i still had serious addictions but every time i saw something i knew i couldnt have i just thought "dont even go there." once that thought entered my mind, the thought of eating it wouldnt even bother me. i also thought about how sick it would make me if i ate the same thing that i saw someone else eating and that helped me through a lot of cravings.

    five years later here i am able to look at those harder days in the past. i still have cravings sometimes for certain flavors or tastes, so ive learned how to make healthy foods that can satisfy the craving. like when i want something creamy, ill use raw cashews as the base, or if i want something sweet i always sweeten with honey, and if i really want something terrible for my health like a cinnamon roll, ill bake it from scratch with gluten free flours:)

    the book raw emotions by angela stokes monarch is a great resource and so is 12 steps to raw by victoria boutenko. they both help to understand food addictions and how to let them go.

    i hope this helps. if you want to speak more in depth and get you on the right track, id love to help! email me at gluten.freedom@hotmail.com. and if your craving some healthy baked goods check out my site at https://sites.google.com/site/projectglutenfreedom.