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Monday, October 11, 2010

true transformation

day two of raw mom cooked dad summit is continuing to blow my mind. i love being inspired by where other people are and what they have gone through to get there. and i think i slightly have a crush on david wolfe now....

anyways...its always good to look back to the past and reflect on where we are and how far weve come. just yesterday as i was driving through the surreal transformations of autumn, i was thinking about all the stages of transformations ive gone through to be where i am right now. i remember when i first got into raw, id get upset or discouraged when the author of a raw book would say something like "you could be in transition for a few years," or even encourage people to transition for lengths of time because jumping into raw foods overnight would be too much for their bodies to handle. i think i was almost offended at these instructions because i had already cut all the bad things out of my diet and i would think "oh thats not me...i want to go completely raw right now!" i would get so excited about reading these inspirational books! well apparently the universe wasnt ready for me to be 100% raw yet, because it took me a year and a half to get there. and as im looking back at the many stages of my transitions, im happy to see that i did it in a step by step way with out every realizing it at the time. i was on whole foods for two and a half years, transitioned to high raw for a year and a half and then moved to 100% raw. its not the journey for everyone. and the one thing im learning is that my journey will never end...ill never say "ive arrived." there is always more to learn about my body and more to learn about keeping it running perfectly.

so if we all have different journeys, how do we make transformation work for us? easy...romans 12:2. "do not conform any longer to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind." no matter where your at in your health transformation, i can bet that your going against the patterns of this world. but we cant just renew our thoughts once and say "ok im good from here." we have to be RENEWING our minds...as in daily! everyday we have to make the conscious decision to go against the grain. when we make that decision and choose a green smoothie over starbucks, something happens in our bodies physically. our brain is filled with neurotransmitters. billions of them. every time you do something a certain way, the neurotransmitters make a path towards that action making it easier and easier for you to do it each time. this is how a habit is formed. now every time you choose to renew your mind, going for something healthful, your neurotransmitters are working hard establishing a path for your new actions, so that your old actions might fall away. taking it step by step, complete transformation is inevitable.

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