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Saturday, January 15, 2011

book review: unlocking heaven

it's only january 15th and i've already finished reading my second book of 2011!...once you have a baby you'll realize how great of a feat this actually is;)


Unlocking Heaven by, Kevin Dedmon is incredible!! i looked forward to the moments i got to spend curled up on the couch devouring the inspirational  words of this book. Dedmon rights in such a personal way, that you feel like you are having a one on one conversation with him. His real life accounts of witnessing miraculous healings....and even being the one releasing the healing to others...left my mouth hanging open in amazement, filled me with a deeper desire to help others and sometimes just made me laugh with the joy of heaven! to say the least, he has a way of nudging you to the higher life that god has called you to live. with real life experiences, and examples from the bible, he literally gives you the "keys" to unlocking heaven and being able to release God's power to those around you in need. to order a copy of this life transforming book, check it out here

my mom just finished reading another book by Kevin, Dedmon, so obviously we're going to switch now...and i'm so excited about it!

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