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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

whole30: chocolate cereal

what's better than whole30 cereal? almost nothing. cue on the scene whole30 chocolate cereal....



saturday mornings deserve a treat! lazily pour yourself a bowl of chocolately dreams and feel like a kids again, but this time a kid who is healthy and eats real food ;)

i created this chocolate crumble topping to go with my delicious whole30 chocolate pudding and saved the extra in a jar, stored in the fridge for just such occasions of creativity and sweet tooth surrender.

whole 30 chocolate cereal

1 cereal bowl filled with whole30 cereal  
3 tbs "crumble topping" from whole30 chocolate pudding 
 enough whole30 coconut milk to cover

*combine chocolate crumble topping with cereal. pour in milk. enjoy!!


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