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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

nourish your coffee

there are a lot of things i am to those around me; encourager, home decorator, mvp when playing taboo…. but a morning person i am not! and despite hours of praying to become one, i know this is just not written in the stars for me. because of this, it has taken me years to craft together the perfect morning routine! years!

from hitting snooze a million times in high school, to being a full on adult with a  fave coffee mug, my morning routine has had quite a few makeovers. i used to be awesome and start everyday with a fresh green juice. in another chapter of my life, my mornings began with superfood smoothies. winters usually lead me back to bone broth. pregnancy always has me craving soaked oats with lots of grass fed butter. and one summer it was even just water and sitting on the grass "earthing!" despite the fact that my routine changes with the seasons, for reasons i don't even know, one thing will always remain: i can't remember how to human for at least the first hour after waking...

i have loved coffee for as long as i can remember. but after learning that it creates an acidic environment in the body, aka a perfect home for disease, my early 20s were plagued with guilt every time i indulged in the smooth, bold glory of a good cuppa jo. cue the fateful day in 2013 that i stumbled upon bulletproofexec.com, his amazing recipe for "bullet proof coffee,"and my acidic shame was washed away once and for all.

let's get really brutal for a moment. all coffee is not created equal! there are great benefits to drinking coffee, but just like everything else in our modern culture, there's a real one and a counterfeit one. companies talk a big game about using quality beans, but the truth is, if they are not grown organically, heated at low temps during roasting and stored properly during transit, they are a toxic mess. this slew of toxins then courses through your body creating an acid ph in your blood, all while leaving you with the jitters while your body tries to clean up the mess! so in the famous words of the bullet proof executive himself, upgrade your coffee!

ditch instant coffee
it's so highly processed it should be called instant chemicals.

buy organic
none of our food should be grown with chemicals! but sadly we live in a world where we have to seek out safe foods. 

choose whole beans
coffee beans go rancid and grow microscopic mold very easily after being crushed. brutal wake up call: every bag of pre-ground coffee is swimming with mold! store your whole beans in an airtight container, in a dark, cool place, and grind them as close to the time of brewing as possible.

My precious coffee beans get stored in this canister. I love all my homemade labels,  but this  one, written in Greek is my favorite!

use french press
you'll be on your knees thanking me after this step! by steeping the coffee, instead of quickly dripping water passed it, the nutrients in the coffee bean (potassium, magnesium, antioxidants) are unlocked. and the flavor is something' to write home about!

add fat
trade in the damaging sugary creamer and even the plain cream (btw if it's not fresh from the farm it's fake!) for grass fed butter. real butter is loaded with fats we need to build healthy cells, vitamin activators that help with nutrient absorption, all while helping us avoid sugar crashes and feel satisfied. getting a big dose first thing in the morning? it literally sets the switch in your body to run on the efficiency of fat stores all day instead of the ups and downs of sugar!

i have been "upgrading" my coffee for almost two years now and will never go back! this is my version of the traditional "bullet proof" recipe.

nourished vibes coffee
1 mug freshly brewed coffee (note my daily mug is bigger than average)
3 tbs kerrygold grass fed butter
1 tbs coconut palm sugar (its a very mildly sweet sugar)
1/2 tsp great lakes collagen (this adds just a touch of thickness, but more importantly aids in cell reproduction)

*pour everything in blender and blend on high for one minute or blend in a tall glass with immersion blender
*pour velvety smooth and creamy, nourishing coffee in your favorite mug and enjoy the kick start to your morning!

Poured over ice, in my favorite tumbler is the perfect afternoon treat!


  1. Oh my god. I'm a barista so needless to say I'm a coffee snob. I'm impressed. I want to try this out! I'm so not a morning person either :/

  2. Oh my god. I'm a barista so needless to say I'm a coffee snob. I'm impressed. I want to try this out! I'm so not a morning person either :/