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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

new beginnings

I'M BACK!!!!!

It has been three looooong, years of silence....and I don't even have a good excuse for you. Ok maybe I can find three sweet/wild/chubby/loud/hungry  *precious reasons* why I haven't invited you to hang out in my kitchen for a while…..


As Dimitri started kindergarten last week, I waved goodbye through tear soaked eyes to the little boy who made me a mama. My heart felt every emotion humanly possible, as I realized a chapter of our lives was closing. But through the tears of "where has the time gone," I felt the fresh breath of new beginnings.  I could see joy on the horizon, but I knew I needed to release these emotions to move forward. So I strolled down memory lane with a grateful heart. Grateful that though I wasn't ready to be a mom at age 20, Dimitri chose me in my brokenness and revived my soul. Grateful that God showed me how to choose indigenous truths, (like nursing on demand, co-sleeping, and baby wearing)  in every moment of our modern chaos. Grateful that I was able to be a stay at home mom. Grateful that every temper tantrum, every kiss, every full diaper, every hug, every up all night, were all moments….priceless moments, with the boy who stole my heart!

I re-lived each moment of the last six years, through a burst of nostalgia. I saw the moments before me, embraced them with love, prayed that God would be the "more than enough" where I wasn't, and released my grip on the past as I inhaled the new beginning. 

baby Dimitri in our original blog days

my baby all ready for his first day of school

The wave of nostalgia brought me to old Facebook albums, Dimitri's baby book, and eventually the wave crashed me back here, where so many of our sweet memories are documented! My heart feels so full to read the recipes I used to write while a sweet little baby napped in my lap. My soul is nourished to see these snapshots in time of a young girl, a young guy, and a baby in our tiny college apartment. It wasn't always easy or convenient, but we chose love, truth, and real food six years ago, and it is the foundation we're rooted in today.  As we have added another baby to the deer pack since my last post, making us a family of five, and some of my cooking styles have evolved over the years, the goal of my kitchen and blog are is still the same.....

nourish us in body, spirit and soul with real food

document our adventures

inspire you to choose real food.....and enjoy your new beginnings!


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  1. Stamos is seriously Dimitris twin in the photo above. I forgot that Dimitri looked like a little chubby bunny once.