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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

fermented garlic

if you're following me on instagram (@mynourishedvibes), you are quite familiar with our dependency on fermented garlic. it has made it's way into dimitri's bentobox school lunch every day!

roasted carrots/frozen blueberries/elderberry gummies/veggie wraps/homemade mayo/dye free pickles and fermented garlic

it certainly sounds like it belongs in a witch's brew, but i promise you the name is much scarier than it's flavor. allowing the beneficial bacteria to grow on the cloves of garlic, means a little army of probiotics have gone to work "pre-digesting" it. because of this, it's flavor is actually dulled down a little bit, and when eaten raw, it just tastes like a pickle with a kick. 

i can't think of a better way to keep dimitri's immune system running on all cylinders during the school day. garlic is antibacterial, antiviral, and antimicrobial, basically killing all germs it comes in contact with. it's a major immune booster and as far as i'm concerned, a cure all for everything, making it the all star of my kitchen! allow it to ferment and it now becomes a power house of probiotics ready to fight off intruders! can you imagine my excitement upon watching each member of the deer pack pop raw fermented garlic into their mouths everyday?? and i didn't even tell them too!! they really get me….

fermented garlic
4 heads organic garlic, peeled
2 jalepenos, sliced (optional)
1/2 onion, sliced
1-2 tsp sea salt
filtered water

*slice onion and set aide.
*peel garlic and slice jalepenos. (feel free to throw any other sliced veg in there. i just happened to have 2 jalepenos in my fridge that needed to be used. and boy i can't wait to try them!) mix in a medium bowl with the sea salt. 1 tsp was enough for this batch, but if your cloves of garlic are on the larger side, you may need more. just make sure that each piece looks evenly dusted with salt.
*pour salted garlic and jalepenos in a glass jar. place sliced onions on top to keep everything submerged. pour in filtered water until everything is covered, making sure there's at least one inch of space at the top to allow for expansion.
*seal the lid, and leave at room temperature for one week. (two weeks if your kitchen temperature is cooler.) when you're ready to open it, be sure to open it over the sink…it will fizz and bubble!
*store in the fridge indefinitely. eat raw or chop it up and add it to other recipes.

if you try out this recipe, post it on instagram and use the hashtag #MyNourishedVibes so i can cheer you on!


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