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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

whole30: date paste

 i rely on honey alot. like alot. i kicked refined white sugar out of my life a decade ago, so just about every baked good i make around here is sweetened with honey. duh.

ok, so no baked goods for a month while on whole30? we can do that! 
no honey in our smoothies? 
no honey in chia pudding? 
no honey for homemade granola?
(breaking out in nervous hives)

<< exactly why i avoided doing whole30 for so long>>

this aspect of the detox was what worried me the most. but i found this handy little jar of date paste to be the perfect sweetener in time of need for multiple dishes. and i have to admit, i liked the full bodied flavor so much, im gonna make this a regular at our house!

date paste

1 c dates

*place the dates in a bowl and pour in enough water to cover them. let them soak and soften for one hour.

*drain dates and place in blender.

*blend on high, adding just enough water to keep the mixture moving.

*store in fridge.  

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