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Thursday, November 5, 2015

starbucks copycat salted carmel mocha

this recipe has *saved* me from my starbucks addiction. literally, i am liberated! you see, i can know all the horrors of starbucks…that their milk contains hormones, pesticides and even pus, and that their coffee beans are not "gourmet", but are loaded with mold and mycotoxins and dear lord, don't even get me started on the bottle of cancer they call flavored syrup! but yes, knowing all those things, i could still see the starbucks sign and go "oh coffee!!", and be in line to order my grande iced carmel latte before you could blink. 

i'm sorry, but my afternoons just *need* an iced latte. this was a weekly habit, dare i say it, sometimes even daily habit for me, for almost three years. yikes!!! but i'm not gonna tell you that this coffee recipe is nourishing. because, well, sometimes i just want a latte, and in order for me to be making it myself and not ordering from starbucks, it better be the best drink i can imagine! 

so, to achieve the perfect carmel flavor that mimics starbucks, i use poison, i mean, butterscotch chips. they blend completely smooth in this drink and offer a rich flavor that i find the store bought syrups just don't. if you've got the time, go all out and make homemade carmel so you can be sure it is chemical free. if not, lets just go for balance here, and realize at this point the game is really more like "pick your poison." and for now, i am ok with that. because by choosing other quality ingredients i am certainly consuming a lot less chemicals than if i were standing in that starbucks line…..and saving loads of money too!

every day after my morning mug of nourishing coffee i pour the extra brew from my french press into a glass and store in the fridge. this way the coffee is waiting on me, making it that much more convenient to whip up my latte at home!

starbucks copycat
salted carmel mocha

1 c strong brewed coffee
3 tbs grassfed butter
2 1/2 tbs butterscotch chips (or carmel syrup)
1 tbs cocoa powder
1/2 tsp grassfed collagen
dash sea salt

*if coffee was stored in fridge, gently warm on low heat for easier blending.
*pour all ingredients in blender and blend on high until smooth.
*fill your cup to the top with ice, and *slowly* pour drink in. (pouring too quickly will melt the ice a little too much, thus watering down your precious latte.)
*sprinkle the sea salt on top.
*drink up!

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