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Friday, October 5, 2012

my summer recap

summer has come and gone so fast i can hardly believe it! i really had a great summer this year. i tried new things, i discovered new parts of my creativity, i went to a few conferences, laughed a lot, shopped a lot, and made incredible memories with friends and family. 

so with out further blabber, here are the top ten highlights of summer 2012.  

10. flying home
in the spring i decided to fly back to the states with my two year old and two month old all by myself, while my husband was busy traveling for work. i was nervous about how this long trek would unfold, but through prayer, god provided everything we needed every step of the way. safety, calm children, someone to help carry bags, someone to carry dimitri….

9. mod podge beginnings
i used mod podge for the first time this summer to add a layer of hot pink glitter to my travel mug. my addiction has begun...and after adding glitter to all my makeup brushes, I'm on the hunt for more things to glitter. yes, i know I'm crazy! 

8. my husband's visit
my husband was able to take time off from work and stay with us in the states for july! it was an amazing month of bubbles, swimming, camping, painting, eating and laughing! 

7. the pinterest awakening
when i first started using pinterest last winter i thought it was really stupid. really really stupid. somewhere down that long road of judgement i found a few art projects….fast forward to my obsession with pinterest! I've gotten so many ideas off this phenomenon that it has revolutionized my life!

6. the decorator
i always wanted to be that person who was really into decorating their house, but was never quite sure how to get there on a budget. through august and september, i worked my butt off night and day (seriously, i would be dreaming about my projects in my sleep!) to add some personal touches to my parent's house….. and was quite shocked that all my homemade decorations look sleek and all come together to unify the look!

5. my baby boy turned 3
it is so strange to think of that tiny new born in your arms, and to realize they are now their own little independent person. i don't know what happened! i did get to throw him his first over-the-top-birthday-party...and IT WAS AWESOME.

4. starbuck's
do i need to say more? carmel iced coffee was my jam this summer.

3. greek dancing
for the last few years my family and i have gone to a greek dancing club at our greek orthodox church every tuesday week. dancing, laughing, and eating were our usual tuesday nights:)

2. my brother's wedding
my favorite part??? slow dancing with dimitri!!!

1. relationships
what a generic title. but i had to get it all in there... the time I've been able to spend with my family, friends and jesus has been nothing short of fantastic. being home with my parents while my babies are little is indescribable. building on relationships and making new ones with friends this summer has overwhelmed me with joy. and just when i think I've had a huge does of jesus love, he gives me a drink strong enough to knock me off my feet. i love that man! and can't believe he loves me back!

my summer is not what i imagined…..but so much better! i hope you have amazing memories of sunshine and laughter to look back on as you snuggle up to the fire this fall!

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