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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

baltimore and broth

so we travel a lot. 
and we always take a lot of food.
a lot.

food for the road, food for the rest stops, food for the hotel...sometimes even food for the continental breakfasts! my sister and i once brought in "outside" gluten free waffle batter to make on the hotel's griddle! apparently that goes against the rules of a continental breakfast, and we got set straight for that;)

i even packed a gourmet raw meal for our trip to virginia, complete with sauerkraut fermenting in the car on the way!! and it was awesome.

but of all the crazy food shenanigans we've managed to pull off, this week in baltimore has to top them all. 


see how he can't even pull himself away to smile for a photo?

yes, as simple as that. 
as weird as that.

i made homemade broth on saturday to help us get over some stuffy noses. we ate the broth in a soup on saturday night and decided to bring all the leftovers with us on a whim when we left on sunday night. in between our touring of the city, we've been pouring the broth into cups and warming it up in the hotel microwave (side note: I'm against microwave usage on a regular day, but when in a hotel....).  

drinking it has been magical! so tasty! and so nourishing! mmmmm.... 

awww so sweet:)

don't think your kids or husband or traveling band of gypsies will drink that??? you know why my three year old gulps down his broth??? cuz he watches his mom do it (and grandma and grandpa) and can't wait to join in the fun!

so travel lesson sunken into my brain: make broth the day before travel. take said concoction in a thermos along for the ride:)

and then there's these two...

note: it's very typical for my dad to have crazy eyes in pictures....

and my real reason of posting, if i ever stop blabbing and get around to it...

we are in baltimore today and hoping to catch a standby flight to germany tonight. so excited to be back in my own home with my very own husband:)  but so not looking forward to continuing life without my two all time favorite babysitters:(

i love you mom and dad!
thanks for hosting me, my babies, and my craziness all summer long!

see you in the spring america

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  1. Reading this brings tears to my eyes knowing you are so far away. I miss you and the kids. We had a lot of fun this summer. I briefly read this before I fell asleep the night you sent this, but I forgot about it. I love your organization skills. Wish I had them, but that is why God gave you to me. Please plan to skype with me often. It helps me to stay connected with you and my grandchildren! Hugs and kisses to everyone. Love Yiayia Honey!