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Thursday, December 1, 2011

hello there

well hello there old friend:) its been quite some time hasnt it? a lot of things have changed since we last sat down to chat.  lets start with the big stuff!

as of now i am 28 weeks pregnant with our second child!  if it werent for the circumstances i would not have received an ultrasound with this pregnancy either, but since the doctors needed it for their peace of mind i gave in.  and found out that our next angel will be a GIRL!!! we are so thrilled that she will be joining our family in february:)

i no longer live among my people.... yes, i am now a foreiner ;)  my husband and i, along with our two year old son packed up and said good by to the good ole' U.S. of A. two months ago to move to germany for his job. we were so excited to move on and see what was in store for us in this big adventure. heck i was just excited to move to a place where they still understood the greatness of bakeries, butchers and markets! my dream came true when we found our house about twenty minutes outside the city, in the german countryside. for the first time ever im surrounded by rolling hills, farms, fresh air...and i couldnt be in love with it more! dont get me wrong, we miss home alot, but i couldnt have asked for a better place to have to be, if i had to be without my usual comforts and my awesome family.  (dont tell anyone, but we actually miss stores like target and bed, bath & beyond...NEVER thought i would have such a thought)

now heres another shocker.  i no longer consider myself a raw foodist. now this one sorta hurts to say and i guess its because it usually feels good to identify yourself with something you are proud of.  my journey started to change at the beginning of the summer when i visited my sister in florida.  our new obsession came to us in due time.  fermented foods rock our world!!!  i used to feel guilty when i ate something cooked, as the voice inside my head would be telling me that i wasnt getting any nutrients and that i was doing more harm than good.  this must be a phase that many raw foodists go through, because so many preach the "epic dangers" of eating cooked foods.  however, i tunneled through this phase right on out to the other side....and i decided to stay. my new outlook on food is "whole nourishing foods."  although some nutrient content may be destroyed while cooking, if you prepare foods properly using ancient wisdom like fermenting, soaking, sprouting and slow cooking, your food will become more nutritious and easier to digest.  my favorite book, Nourishing Traditions pretty much sums up my life right now.  i enjoy things i never thought i would...and its great!  i look forward to getting raw milk at the farm each week, i eat cheeses made naturally from goat or sheep milk, i soak grains before baking delicious things like pancakes or muffins, i dont feel guilty about cooking vegetables and i always have homemade meat broths on hand.  i think i was granted the oppurtunity to go through the raw food stage to study things more closely, but now i have a view that lets me see the bigger picture.  i will always put extreme importance on eating raw veggies, fruits and nuts/seeds, but ive opened new doors that have let more nourishment into my life:)

so what to expect of these changes? well you can bet there will be some really great photos of a cute little baby girl all over this blog come february:)  i cant wait to show you more pictures of germany! its such a beautiful country and just driving through my everyday landscapes takes my breath away. our camera broke and the new one will be here in two weeks!  and for my blog, i would assume that you can expect to see more posts with recipes that are cooked.  ill still try to lend any tips ive learned and other tricks that have made my life easier while nourishing a family.  no matter what, im still me, and you can always expect that!

Auf Wiedersehen!


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  1. oh yay! this is gonna be good....I am so happy that you are in love with norishing traditons because so am I. How awesome that you are able to get raw milk so easily in Germany. It is so difficult in Ohio because as you know it is illegal. (sooo dumb.) I have been trying for months and I feel like I have exausted every area. So now, I am looking into a goat share where we pay the farmers to take care of and board the goat and we pick up milk weekly. But anyways, I am excited about your new themed blog! Good on ya, Eleni!