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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

book review: Raw Food For Everyone

the simple things in life excite me. a sunny day, a call from a friend....and raw recipe books! whenever im out running errands, i always strategically squeeze in time for a visit to a book store to flip through the newest raw books. looking at gorgeous pictures and drooling over incredible recipe combinations, at the very least amp me up for the rest of my to do list and leave me with ideas to fuel my body with tasty nourishment. but on special occasions, i tell the budget to shut up and buy the book thats calling my name! Raw Food For Everyone by: Alissa Cohen was calling my name for quite some time. oh glorious day when i determined to walk into the store and leave with that book in my hand!

i first heard of Alissa's new book this past fall while listening to an interview with her on "Raw Mom Cooked Dad." i was really interested in her book and what she was saying and couldnt wait to flip through the pages of her new creation. i finally brought the book home about a month ago and ive been letting everything marinate in my mind since. this book is so packed with recipes and ideas i would have never thought if. id be overwhelmed with everything i want to make, without reading through it everyday and marking the pages that are priority! it is that good! i would say this is the best raw recipe book i have ever read!

after i had formed a good relationship with this book, it was finally time to get into action. exhibit a:

these are just a portion of the foods i started prepping last night. Alissa Cohen has tons of creative recipes for fermenting, pickling and marinating vegetables that i just fell in love with. by all means, sit down and just munch on carrots and celery if you must, but i cant resist pushing the real flavors of raw vegetables to their limits. my kitchen is officially a science project...and that thought couldnt make me hungrier!

and this was my husband's science project...dressing dimitri up as a soldier:


  1. Funny you mention Alissa Cohen, I just got back for my Raw Chef Certification classes at Creative Health Institute. We got dual certification, one through CHI and the other through Alissa Cohen.
    Great post!
    Peace and Raw Health,

  2. oh i love alissa cohen! her creativity in recipes is so inspiring. do her raw certification classes must have been amazing!