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Monday, February 28, 2011

book review: Raw Spirit

book_rawspirit.jpgmy husband really knows the way to my heart...he ordered me five books from amazon for valentine's day! and he knows me really well, because they are all books on nutrition and raw food:) out of all five books, i was happiest to see this one in the bunch: Raw Spirit by: Matt Monarch because i had been wanting to read it for more than a year now. it was very short and i was able to read it in just two days. i was really intrigued as to what this book would have to offer, because i knew it was less about the physical changes that matt went through when he became raw, and more about the spiritual changes he encountered. 

i'm glad i read this book, but i think i would choose wisely who i recommended it to. i really don't think it's a book for beginners into a healthy lifestyle. he has a way of saying that he want "raw overnight and that was it."...and it's just almost unbelievable. for others, the transformation to living a vibrant life can take years, and battling some serious addictions. for those people, i feel like they would feel condemned reading this book. anyone who can relate however, should read his  wife's book, Raw Emotions. she really does walk you through each step of the way to letting go of foods that you no longer need, while realizing that you're human and it's normal to have a few mistakes along the way.

raw spirit did bring up some interesting points though. for a person whose been in the health game for a while, this is a book that will help you really consider going the next step to completely allow your body to heal from the american lifestyle. it was interesting reading about his spirituality spiking when he went raw. i do believe that when we clean our bodies out, we'll inevitably be cleaner spiritually. however, i really like it that i can feel jesus even if i ate something that wasn't cleansing my body:)


  1. clean body = clearer thinking; allows one to be open to the will of Christ in your life perhaps. Great post. What wonderful gifts from your hubby!
    Peace and Raw Health,

  2. i totally agree with you elizabeth! i saw romans 12:1 in a "new light" last week..."offer your bodies as living sacrifices, this is your spiritual act of worship." how awesome is that, that by treating our bodies right we are worshipping our creator?!